Rotational Molding

rotational-moldingRotational molding is also known as rotomolding. This process uses powdered resin materials that are put into a mold and heated to liquefy the powder. The mold is rotated and the liquid coats the inside of the mold. This is similar to how a front loading washer works. Once the coating is even the continuously rotating mold is moved into a cooling area. Once the resin is cooled and hardened in the mold it is ejected revealing the finished product.

Rotational molding allows for a vast array of products to be made at a low fabrication cost. Some unique qualities such as ribbing can be added to the mold, along with other more complex options. Prefinished pieces can be added prior to the resin allowing solid pieces to be created instead of having multiple pieces. Design and decorative aspects are easily added as well. One negative aspect of this process is the inability to achieve sharp corners because of a lack of pressure on the flowing material.